Saturday, November 7, 2015

"this other one is for my friend, who passed away" by Isidro Zapata

I really, do not know where
To beginI feel so lost and unable
To understand
All of life’s hurts and pains
the circle of life and death
As we mourn the lost
Of a good friend, husband, brother, and father
Around the other side or just four hours away
A happy couple is celebrating the
Birth of a baby boy or girl
To the family:
I truly wish I could have done more
So I hope you can forgive me
I did not know that he was
Going down the road of despair
Throughout my life I have been to many of these
Solemn occasions
lost a good friend or a family member
Which makes me feel even more alone in this
Upside world that we live in
I know how it feels the pain and feeling
Like you are no good to anyone because
the lost of our physical ability is not what it use to be
I wonder at times where did that other me
Has gone to and I hope that someday he comes back home
he has been gone for way to long
So come back home my friend
You will continue to live on forever
Not just in the next life but in this life
When you showed your children lessons to live by
You showed them love and tenderness to your whole family
You were in a lot of pain, I know that path
it is a path of wrath and set on replay because it keeps on repeating
I really respected you in how you handle this path
You gave me hope that I could have a normal ife!!
Just want to tell you thank you, like so many of us
You got lost and unable to find your own way out
as we mourn you leaving this world
There is a celebration in the next world
Because you are finally home
We will all miss you some days will be harder for your family
Because you are no longer their
so just whisper to them that
You truly love them and U care for them
For those who are left behind
I know it is really hard
And feelings like you are all alone Is just to common
In a flash our Savior Can easily transform your heart
because our father does it want you to be in pain
God wants
To guide you and show you the path
To take
so keep up the faith
I know some day you will be reunited
With your loved ones

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