Thursday, August 13, 2015

Neptune Pine Smart Watch Review

The Neptune Pine is basically the only stand alone smart watch today. I decided to finally get rid of the smartphone, when the screen broke. I was tired of keeping track of it, and I don't like it in my pocket.
The Neptune Pine met all my expectations, for I knew what I was getting by the specs. The hardware is very weak. It can barely run Facebook, so I downloaded the app Facebook Lite. The weak hardware makes me ashamed to share the photographs that I have.
I have shared the 5 MP pictures, and people say that it is blurry. I shared some photos with my brother over Bluetooth, and they were fine. I got a new camera app yesterday, but I have not tried it much yet.
I would recommend using a Bluetooth headset to receiving calls. The cord is a little annoying. It is not convenient to pull out the wire headset, when you are out and about.
The person who sold the Neptune Pine to me rooted it, so I don't know the stock rom. It is basically a watch android device, running most of the apps that I am used to on my previous smartphone.
I like the design. The landscape layout is my preference. I like how it detaches from the wristband because I can look at it more comfortable. It's nice at the airport because I can detach the device, and have it easily scanned as my boarding pass.
The initial getting use to it is a little weird because the way that you put the Sim card in it is not what I am used to. It is hard to get used to detaching the phone from the wristband to charge it and so forth. Support online to figure these things out are not official, but you can find it, and it is helpful.
People think that the device is really cool, and they compliment me. People also say that it is really big, but it is a big real cool fashion statement.

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