Thursday, August 27, 2015

'So in the world of today: (long one) 27 August 2015' by Sam Orr

So in the world of today: (long one)
-South Sudan signed a peace deal.
-Vultures in Africa are becoming endangered.
-Bodies of at least 50 migrants were found in a Hungarian truck.
-China sentenced 45 people for terror and terror related activities.
-Flooding in North Korea killed 40, and stranded thousands.
-Ukraine and its creditors agreed on a plan to restructure 18 million$ of its debt.
-Iran accused the US of holding 19 Iranians.
-One of the newly born Panda twins at the National Zoo died.
-Walmart is taking high powered rifles off the shelves.
-experts fear that televised shootings will become more common.
-Colorado is dissatisfied with the way the Animas river scandal is being investigated.
-Solandra mislead the Government to get 535 million$ loan.
-The Government released a plan to protect the sage grouse. The plan will cost 200 million and impact 11 states.
-Kazakhstan signed a deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency to start a Uranium Bank.

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