Monday, August 24, 2015

'So in the world of today: 24 August 2015' by Sam Orr

So in the world of today: (heads up it's a big news day)
-So far 9 opposition candidates are being blocked from running for office in Venezuela.
-Washington is experiencing the largest wildfires in its history.
-The LDS church opened a temple in Indiana.
-South Korea agreed to turn off its propaganda loudspeakers so that North Korea would not declare war.
-Economists are pessimistic about possible economic growth.
-The Obama administration proposed investing a billion dollars to promote the use of solar energy.
-A new Hampshire Court ruled that taking a voting booth selfie is protected speech.
-Ghana’s Doctors returned to work.
-Representative Cruz accused President Obama of withholding information about Russia violating a nuclear treaty.
-Isis killed 30 people charged with sodomy.
-The UN’s estimate for monitoring Iran’s nuclear processing came to 1.5 million yearly.
-Two Panda Cubs were born at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

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