Monday, November 10, 2014

November 9, 2014

    I am the type of person that most everyday has a story to tell at the end of the day. This entry is a rare one in my opinion because I talk about my future. I usually write of things that have happened, not writing about the developing events around me, which have not happened. I have a lot of stuff to write about; although, it has only been one week. Not much happened on Monday, but we had a super fun Family Home Evening, playing smurf. Tuesday was an interesting day. After the weekend, where Jessica said that she would not like to date steadily, somehow I am hanging out with her more and our relationship is closer. Oh yeah. On Monday I was getting lunch at the crossroads, and she saw me, joining me for the meal. She accepted my invitation to join us for devotional. As I was waiting to walk with her into devotional, Brother Stutz (I introduced him last entry.) approached me, inviting me to be the coordinator of track and field in the Spring, because I sent him an email, saying that it would be disappointing to see the events of track be limited to long distance races according to his proposal. On Wednesday I began training with Devin Collins, working with him to establish a Ragnar team. It is interesting that I feel that I have now become a personal trainer because Jessica wants to run the temple to temple relay with my team. She is not a runner, but I am going to train her, starting tomorrow. I got a B in my accounting test on Friday. I am pretty proud of that. If the semester ended now, I would be in trouble, but I am optimistic that I can pass all my classes. There were more things that happened in my life, but I don't think that they are worth talking about.
    Since Jessica said that she did not want to date me, my week was kind of awkward because I ran out of dating opportunities. I sacrificed them for our relationship. I believe in dating one person at a time if you are pursuing a relationship. It would be weird to be dating around, when one is working out better than the others. I tried to ask out the other girls again, when I was dating more openly, but I realized that it is a little disrespectful to ask someone out about three weeks after your first date for the second date. God seems to be leading us together with the many opportunities which Jessica and I have seized this week. We had moments together this week counting more than the last few weeks combined. Most were coincidental. I don't believe in coincidences, so they were miraculous blessings of God. We saw each other twice on Monday, three times on Tuesday, and I don't know how many other times that we saw each other between Wednesday and Friday. I invited Jessica to join my Temple to Temple relay team on Tuesday, and, when we had lunch together on Friday, she confirmed her desire to run with us, which she held back a little during the initial invitation. Our relationship seems to be back on track. One thing that I learned is that I should not assume anything in relationships. I did not assume that our relationship is over, when we saw each other again after our conversation. We just carried on with our friendship as if it was continually developing. I might as well introduce her with her full name now that we are more committed to each other, for we decided to train together for the Temple to Temple Relay. Her name is Jessica Ledesma. It was nice to feel her embrace on Friday because she followed up on the Temple to Temple Relay invitation, saying that she would like to run with us. When we concluded eating our lunch, she invited me to walk her to her next class, which I did of course. I would never turn away time to be with her.
     I was in the MC, when Brother Stutz approached me about coordinating Track and Field. I don't recommend studying there; although, I got this opportunity to coordinate Track and Field by studying there. A couple of my friends passed by coming talk to me, and I got no homework done. My email proposed an idea to cultivate unity in the separate Track teams. My proposition was to have two distinctly different teams. One team meets at 6, and the other meets at 7. That would still not work to bring unity to the track teams. The other part of the idea is similar to what I did for my cross country team. That is to have a time to warm up together as a team and socialize. I put more ideas together and proposed them to him on Thursday. On Tuesday night on the previous week, I posted on Twitter a revelation that I planned to do. It was "I have a vision to change education, and I am going to pursue it. It's called capitalism!" This was my idea for promoting the Track Team with capitalism. I was planning to get sponsorship to fund the production of shirts; then, scholarships will be given to the winning athletes of each event with the profit of sells. These shirts will be used for advertising for the sponsors businesses, bring them to the companies with discounts for running shoes and whatnot. I also thought that if the companies provided breakfast and lunch during the track meets it can promote their business and Track and Field. Brother Stutz asked how I will promote each event's competition, and told him that offering an equal amount of scholarship money for each event will make the competition equal. He said that there won't be any scholarships though, and he shot down my idea to raise money for shirts because the school already fundraised, asking for thousands of dollars from the local businesses, and it would be disrespectful to allow additional representatives of the school to nickel and dime them so to speak. We had to compromise on my ideas. We could still make shirts, but it will not be profitable, and we could make additional shirts with the recovery of the investment in the shirts. Brother Stutz likes my ideas, hoping that I can begin early on the promotion. I would start now by organizing a Track and Field and Cross Country Association to foster a fellowship among athletes. The success of Track and Field will be dependent on networking.
     The Ragnar Team Assembly with Devin has required networking too.  Ragnar is a 200 mile relay. It was not my idea. Devin wants to do it, so we are organizing this team. The amount of teammates is the same as the Temple to Temple relay. We basically have a full team already. I think that we have seven runners committed. Since three of mine need to save up money, they are halfway committed. I seem to have become a personal trainer for the second half of my semester. I developed a workout schedule that I recommend. It is more conservative than what I did as a coach, but I believe that it will work. Jossy Reyes, a friend of mine who is going to run the Temple to Temple relay with me, said "I didn't know I signed up for this." This is the workout schedule that I recommended.

"Also since a lot of you are beginners, I recommend that you jog for about 20 minutes three days a week for a couple weeks with cross training of lunges and another exercise that I recommend. I can show you it, if you would like. 
After the two weeks, I recommend increasing the time of the work out to 30 minutes three days a week; then, add a fourth day of working out on the week after; the fifth day the week after that. Do that for another week, and increase the number of minutes to forty minutes after that. You guys will be fit. Always keep progressing."

I asked her what she did not sign up for. She said that she wants to do the Temple to Temple Relay, but this commitment surprised her. I told her that I did not expect this of everyone. It is just a recommendation. I am doing this routine with Devin and Jessica. It seems to be working well with Devin. He is surprisingly a powerful fast runner.

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