Monday, November 3, 2014

'Letting the Good Times Roll <3' by Sister Koroitamana

Heya! Love! 

How are you? How was your week?

This week has been a good long short week. We had Zone Conference this week and it was Awesome! as always. We learnt a tonne of really good things and as we've applied the things we learnt Sister Matheson and I have really seen so many great miracles that truly came from the Lord as we acted. On Tuesday we received a training about Sincere Prayer. I seriously loved it! I loved learning about the Power of our prayers once again and most especially the Power of sincerely saying it regularly and in Faith and not just saying it like a routine.That night Sister Matheson and I really tried to practice it and we were so amazed at the Miracles we saw in our lives that day. We had just gotten out of dinner and we'd been really praying that the Lord would help us reach our goals. We had dinner with the Manley Family that night (I love them so much!) and we came out and received a text saying that we'd just received a referral. We were sooo excited and super Happy. We had been praying regularly and really sincerely that we would find 2 new investigators that night. We went and contacted that referral and got to meet Tonya. She had gone online to try and get a Bible and she found so she requested a free bible there. She is sooo Awesome we talked with her about what we do as Missionaries and she expressed that just recently she'd been feeling a need to come closer to God and she's been trying to find a church that she and her family could go to. We got to share a little lesson with her and her daughter Taniyah (she's 14) that night and they just loved it! and allowed us to come back the next day! We did go back and taught her the Restoration and she just loved it and was just so amazed by it! We felt prompted to invite her to be baptized and she accepted a Baptismal Date!!!!! That was such a huge miracle for us.It was soo funny though because right after she accpeted to be baptized she thought for a while then said;" I'ma have to get me a new weave so it doesn't float up" hahaha we just laughed so hard:D  She really just strengthened my testimony that regardless of what our circumstances may be (however hard our area or circumstances may be) as we really pray sincerely and work diligently the Lord truly does Magnify our callings and he makes miracles happen! 
This week we also had the great blessing of Meeting Christina Aguyo. She is so amazing and truly the most special and prepared person I know, We had found her in the area book. The Sisters before us had met her in the Park and were never able to contact her again. We went by to check her out and she allowed us to come back! She is so special and I just know that God loves her so much! She had had a Mormon friend who had invited her to activities a while back and she's always loved how the Gospel was so family oriented. On Saturday we were planning to have a lesson with her and we were trying to find a member who could come with us but everyone that we asked were either sick or not able to. We prayed alot! to find a member who would be a good fellow shipper for Christina and we had asked a couple of the Sisters and neither of them were responding, Finally late Friday Evening one of the Sisters responded and she suggested that we try calling a new Sister that had just moved into the ward to come with us - her name was Sister Clark. We quickly asked Sister Clark even though it was getting kind of late and she quickly responded that she would love to come with us:) Wow! that was such a huge blessing and relief! We went by to Christina the next day and it truly was one of the most amazing lessons I've had on my mission. We were planning to show her a video of President Monson's talk from the previous General Conference called "Ponder the Path of thy Feet" and as we followed up with her on her understanding of the Restoration and she quickly mentioned that she loved the idea of Prophets and having a modern day Prophet today! Wow! we (Sister Matheson, Sister Clark and I) all just felt so much comfort knowing that truly this was the Lord's work and that he was leading us through his spirit to help Christina. We watched the talk with her and it was sooo amazing. I could definitely feel the Spirit present in our lesson and although kids were playing and doing their thing, I just felt so calm and reassured inside. I was praying so hard that during the lesson the kids would behave and not be too much of a distraction and through out the whole lesson they were just being really good. It was soo good. After the video we asked one of her sons who is 9 how he felt as he listened he said that although he wasn't paying full attention he just felt so calm:) Christina accepted a Baptismal Date for the 23rd of November and she and her son and her friend who she invited came to church last Sunday!!! She is really such a great example to me. I love her so much!!!! Can you please pray for her? 

I Love you Tonnes!

Sister Koroitamana:)

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