Monday, October 20, 2014

there is a way

& during that time, i learned a LOT

about myself

about the world

about the gospel

about God

one of the most important things i learned is this:
{talking about Jesus Christ}


Jesus Christ has been where you are. He has been in your exact situation, with your exact problems & weaknesses & baggage & family situation & quirks & history & joys & disappointments & issues & life.
everything. He's experienced it. personally. specifically. intimately. infinitely.


He has provided a way to escape. He has broken the bands that would hold you back from being everything you want to be & more - everything He knows you can be. There is a way provided for you from where you are to more joy than you can even imagine. There is a way.


He is willing to come back to where you are, & meet you there, & walk that path with you.


there is a way to peace & happiness & joy & everything you're looking for & more

no matter who you are or where you've been, there is a way for you.

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