Monday, October 27, 2014

'Kepping that Attitude' by Sister Koroitamana

Hey Beautiful! 
Can you believe that it's another week already? Wow! I feel like time is just flying sooooo Fast! I don't even know where to start this week. Alot has been happening and it feels sooo good to get lost in this great work! I love it! I really do. This morning Sister Matheson and I had a great companion study (it's when we study together for about an hour) We were learning about the different types of Missionaries and how much our attitude in anything we do plays a big role. I mean I'm coming to learn that we can come to do Missionary things and do the things that we're required to do but if we don't have that right attitude than we're not really changing. I'll just come back and be the same person I was. I don't want to be like that! This morning as we exercised I pondered about a talk that we had read a couple of weeks ago when he had first gotten to Manhattan Beach. It's called "Create Success" by Elder Ballard. I loved it!!!! Oh if you haven't read it I definitely recommend it! It's so great. There Elder Ballard talked about how in anything and in whatever area we are called to serve in. Our Success is dependent on us! He said it's not the area, it's not the companion and it's it's not the time of year etc that determines our success. He said to be successful we need to have a positive attitude. I thought a lot about President Monson this morning as I reflected on this. I feel like as a Prophet he must have a tonne of things on his plate and a tonne of things that he's responsible for, and has to worry about but his apostles and those around him always mentioned that he always had a positive outlook towards life. I feel like maybe that's what helps him deal with things. I told Sister Matheson that maybe the reason why the Lord is giving us this opportunity to learn this principle now is that maybe later in our lives when we're going to be faced with a lot more things than just creating success in an area, we're going to need to practice that "Positive Attitude" to help us deal with things. 

One thing that's really been helping me have that Positive Attitude is prayer! Lots and lots and lots of Prayers. Sometimes it gets a little difficult to continue on and keep looking forward but every time I pray I almost immediately feel such a renewed strength and desire to serve. Prayer is such a blessing. Yesterday after church we were trying to reach our 20 conversations goal and just talk to everyone.We came across this man named named Rodney. He was walking his dog and it was getting kind of late. We talked with him for a little about God's love for him and asked how he had come to have such a great faith in God? He said he was atheist growing up and one day while watching the superbowl live his team won and he was sooo Happy!!!! He said everything was sooo crazy and loud and then suddenly everything slowed down and just went super quiet, he felt someone put their hand on his shoulders from behind him and told him "I've tried to talk to you so many times before and now I'm talking to you in the only way that you'll listen to me, will now hear me?" Rodney said that he just felt sooo good and knew that that was God telling him to turn to him in the only way that Rodney would listen. It was sooo cool to listen to this man's testimony and it really strengthened my testimony that God really does live and knows each of us individually as his children and he knows how to talk with us in a way that we get it.  Rodney is soo cool. He said he didn't know when he could meet with us again but he agreed to read the Book of Mormon. p.s please pray for him! 

This week we went on a lot of exchanges with our Sisters. They are so great! Miracles really do happen on Exchanges. On Tuesday we tried our very best to talk to everyone and it's so amazing to see how Heavenly Father really does help us feel motivated as we go out and work! we were able to see so many great miracles that day and I just felt like we really did come to feel real JOY as tired as we were as we tried to give the Lord our all. I am really coming to love this calling I love that I can feel Heavenly Father's love for each of his missionaries. I love this work! Sister Matheson was kind of feeling a little down this past weekend because we had come across alot of people who were really trying to bring us down. On Sunday Morning she just expressed how tired she was of feeling rejected. As I listened to her I agreed that it does get hard sometimes but I just feel so deeply that God knows who's ready. This is his work, all that he asks is that we pray in Faith and be willing to act on the promptings we receive. I know that that's true. I feel like this experience really just makes me so much more grateful for the Savior's Atonement. I just feel like in a little tiny way, we get to feel a little portion of what the Savior felt as he Atoned for us.

I love you so much! Please know that you are in my prayers and that you are loved!

Tonnes of Love!
Sister Koroitamana

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