Sunday, December 27, 2015

"You have taken away my depression" by Isidro Zapata on the #mormonysablogs

After I ask
you to forgive me
for the bad things in my heart
you have taken away my depression
and give me a new
chance for a new life
that can not ever compare
to what this world has for me
so as I open my heart
to you during my nightly
you come to rescue me and
give me hope
to continue on this road
that you laid before me
I am no longer alone
and hope that you know
I am sincere
when I ask you to come into my heart
their is no other way
for me to walk down this journey
unless i turn away
from everything that
is dark
so i will let your love and light guide me
on my way to
be with you again and
live forever in your peace
and grace
I love you for dying for me
and changing my heart

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