Sunday, April 5, 2015

Roxy's Stats

 So I am Sister Crooks from Jamaica more so the Savanna-la-mar Branch. I am an editor of this page, and so since today is General Conference.
     I want to share a bit of what I have learned so far. Firstly we are taught that Godly Fear dispels all mortal fear. The bright light of Godly Fear will chase away the darkness of all mortal fear. Godly Fear helps our hearts not to be troubled. Love comes from us but marriage comes from God above.
     One of God's greatest gift to us is to "Try Again". The Church is like a big hospital we all have different sickness  and we come for help through being spiritually filled. Evaluate your life, repent and try again. The service that counts the most are usually the one that are recognized by the Lord.......Think about this...........

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