Wednesday, April 29, 2015

'So in the world of today: 28 April 2015' by Sam Orr

So in the world of today:
-a riot broke out in Baltimore following Freddie Grey's funeral. Anarchists used social media to stay ahead of police. The National Guard had to be sent out.
-over 5000 are reported dead from the Nepal Earthquake.
-The remaining buildings in the Nepal earthquake zone are 90% unusable.
-The NFL gave up its tax exempt status.
-Yet another Bakery is being closed by state lawsuits for refusing to cater a gay wedding.
-Finland lobbed bombs at a ‘possible Russian submarine’.
-The Supreme Court declared The Obamacare contraception mandate unconstitutional.
-Iran seized a Marshal Islands commercial cargo ship that was in their waters.
-The DHS admitted to letting several criminal suspects go free under the President’s deferred action for childhood arrivals program.
-The pope came out in favor of the UN’s climate control measures.

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