Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A single mother/convert

Hello everyone ",my name is Viva.
Thank you to, all for the continued work, that is being done.

I would like to share, my story. A single mother and being converted into, The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

H'm? Where to begin...
Well, I was born, in the Island of Tonga Tapu. My father and mother came, to the United States back, in 1970-76. I have a total of 11,siblings.  Step brothers and sisters. I am the middle child out,of a group of 5,raised together. We moved to, Seattle, WA, with my two brothers at, the time. My other siblings, we're in Tonga, with their mothers.
I remember the hotel we stayed in, Seattle,It was a studio, no fridge, kitchen, just less then 800 square feet, of an area. It was small😌. But it was the beginning of, my parents trying to make a new life.( Where all the Saints will be gathered. The United States Of America. )
So, my parents got jobs, they worked day and night, to collect for a house, to buy. My mom worked two jobs, my dad worked at MC. Donald's, Landscape, construction.
My parents got into fights over, bills and stress. Then my mother left my father, because, he would beat her. My father ended up hitting my moms boyfriend and lead, to having my dad, imprisoned. Then again, my dad, did it again. So finally, the final judgment from, the court. My dad had, a choice, either he goes back, to Tonga for, years or his family?
My parents made the choice. The mother and children would go, to Tonga. My father stayed with my little brother, to work and support, the family by sending money,while we were in,Tonga.
This was a life in, Tonga. Here we go!
Once we

Round 2

Hello everyone. My name is VIva.Siale. I am a single mother,of 6 beautiful children .(I have met my future husband.First we have to get,to know one another before anything.) I am 41,years of age. Yes! I said 41". I am from Tonga Tapu Island,raised here in,Seattle,Washington. I have been a convert,since 2013,also baptized with,my 8,9,year old son and daughter at,the time.
I speak and write,in Tongan as,well. I am thankful for the Gospel,also for returning home,into The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.
My story of my life and being converted into,The church Of Jesus Christ Of latter Day Saints.
I was born March 21-1976,in the Island of Tonga Tapu.My father is William Siale,mother Kilisitina M tuifua. I was born,in the village called,Hihifo.I have a total of 11,step brothers and sisters. I come from a group,of 5 raised together. My other siblings lived with their mothers,in Tonga Tapu Island.My parents brought me and the group,of three of,us at the time,here to Seattle,in the year 1976,a few months after I was born.So it was me and my two,older brothers at the time. I can remember,we moved into this tiny studio apartment.(less the 800 square feet) My parents quickly began,new jobs. Shortly,we moved into a big apartment.(YAY!) We moved,in Seattle,right on Rainier. We went to school,made new friends,my parents always took us,to church.I was raised in,a Catholic family.
Shortly,i noticed that we were separated and,we had to go live with my uncle,to my auntie.I found out,that my parents were constantly fighting(Physical fights).I was sad,but happy,we were with family members.Then my little brother was born. I went to live with,my uncle first,with my two older brothers,then moved in,with my auntie and her two daughters.
I missed my parents but,it didn't really take an affect on me.
Soon my parents had to decide,for the family to go,to Tonga for a few years. My father was in jail and they gave,him a choice.Either he goes to,Tonga or,the wife and kids go. So my parents made the choice,of my dad staying here,in Seattle,Washington with,my little baby brother,who was one at the time.
So,off we go,to Tonga! My mom,me and my two older brothers.😲 So we get to,Tonga,i was about three years of age,or four? We lived at my grandmothers home.I don't remember any details,when I was 3-4,years of age. The house we lived on belonged to,my moms,mother. We had lots of grown fruits,vegetables,it was HOT! We had clean clothes lots of food,my mom is a wonderful cook and baker. So we were never starving and,she made sure,we were always clean and our,clothes and,the home as well. We had many dogs. I loved our pet dogs. But my favorite was Peanut. He made sure NO ONE stepped over the gate,and came into our yard,they would have to yell from the street,if they needed to come over.He would attack them,if they didn't. He was a golden red haired retriever.I miss him so..
We would visit my grand parents(My dads parents,in Hihifo) I loved going there because,they had a huge movie theatre and store. I enjoyed being around my cousins as,well.(I was always tall for my age,so I was teased by my cousins.They called me an old lady. Grrrr!😤I'll show you old lady! I fixed that teasing later,by beating my cousin up.)I was always fighting,with my cousins.So my grandfather,was the one who,would punish us. But,it didn't hurt me and,i didn't care.I am a child,who will fight you,if you do me wrong.Boy or girl.Big and small.I will fight you!
My mom told me,my dads parents didn't like me because,of my brown skin.(WHAT???) My people are stupid sometimes".I love my brown skin.
Anyways,i remember as,a child having dreams,of warning and not,understanding it,until 30,years later. Then other dreams,that I now remember having,as a child.(It's like that moment,when the light bulb turns on,in your head moment) My mom didn't allow us,to go spend the night at anyones home,because,she didn't trust anyone,unless,it was her sister and brother and my grand parents.
Oh",when we attended school,the teachers are allowed to beat the kids(😲🤨) My dad,didn't allow that. I remember my teacher had a boy slap me,during quiet time. Because,threw up in my mouth and was,trying to hold it in. She thought I was playing around. (I ended up swallowing my vomit)I went home and told my dad.He came to,the school the next day and straightened,that teacher. She became the nice witch after. I enjoyed school,we were bare feet and,so we ended up getting parasites.(OH.. NO!)We had shoes but most of the time,we didn't wear them,even in the mud. We got sick as well..
My friends were always trying to always get me,to fight.I told them,no way! I was scared of my mom.I didn't fight anyone. Bunch of evil monkeys! To be continued,friends..

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