Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Hope" by Jesse on the #mormonysablogs Official Website

In our ever day life we experience fluxuation of our well-being
there is one state of mind that can bring both misery and gladness
while being in the same circumstance 
Hope can give you the will to move on when every fiber of your being is telling you to cease
Hope can bring unmerciful agony to the soul
Hope can give you a reason to keep living instead of taking your life
Hope can take you to the depths of madness
Hope can give you the inner strength to take another step
Hope can fill your head with false dreams
Hope allows you to see the shimmer of light through the stormy clouds
Hope can give you a distorted view of reality then when the reality
of the situation comes to fruition it destroys your glimmer of hope
that agony can kill you or cause you to have no mercy
having hate running through your veins
or having your soul escape in either case
You cease to exist
Hope can give you the will to carry on and find that inner strength that will push you past all the noise you hear, when there seems
to be no way out Hope can spring you into action and change your
fate.  Instead of dying it will give you the ability to keep on living
and not to listen to the voices in your head that screams at you to put a end/ to it all but you fight back with there are better day’s ahead and I will take one more step to make it and
see all my dreams come true

by Jesse

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