Thursday, May 21, 2015

Confessions of a Modern Day LDS Actress Part 1

Somedays i love and hate my job lol  Lemme tell you why i feel like this sometimes
1. Modesty
Yes i get it that everyone has a certain look and has to wear some sort sleezy clothing for a scene. But please i beg do not make me wear it. When my director asks me if im comfortable in i just want to lie and say yes but no im honest with her and tell her no im sorry i feel uncomfortable and its against my standards. And shes like oh why and ill explain too her about being LDS and the modesty we pertain. At first i thought she was gonna be mad but she wasn't she was totally understanding and got wardrobe to find something more decent for me. Plus the fact im not a.size 2. I got a little more of me to love lol and they gotta accommodate for that.
2. Coffee
Bless there hearts i swear always brewing fresh coffee for all of us when its 2am and we are still working since like 3pm. I just decline and they have hot water i used to take my own hot cocoa but now they usually have some.
Thats just two of the things that mainly are like bleh haha i love acting tho but sometimes im like grrrr
Sometimes i wonder how.much my life would be a wreck if i never went back to church or surronded myself in scriptures. But im so grateful for the gospel and our saviour.

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