Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Little Brother's Rant on HTC's Virtual Reality Venture

This is the new M9. 
Yeah. I don't know whether they're going to get anywhere with that Or with their new wristband with under armour. They should have stuck with designing a good new phone Instead of a rehash. They said it told them a year to design the M9. And its basically the same as last year's model. I used to be inspired by their phones. But they're copying Apple in their iPhone "s" business model. There was another concept phone of the M9. I saw going around it and looked so good. I was hoping the leak before MWC2015 was fake. Because it wasn't any change at all. They have disappointed me and many others with the M9. This year the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks to be the good one between Galaxy and HTC. And I don't even like Samsung. /end rant

This is how the concept was

I'm so bored of the HTC design. Too much wasted space and not enough innovation.

That's what OnePlus said; then,  they took it down then changed what they now said

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