Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Third Generation Latter-Day Saints" by Camille Ramos

Its kinda late to write it down and blog it, but i'm gonna write it though. My mom and dad were the first member in our family. They were baptized when they have my three older sisters. After which, my eldest sister were baptized, then the second and third. Then my brother was born and they were sealed inside the Manila Temple when he was 2. I was born after a year of their sealing and was a covenant baby. My siblings and i were raised by my parents with the gospel and with Jesus Christ at the center of our lives. I saw my parents faith and love for God. I saw how my dad magnify his calling as the first branch president in our branch and had served for a long years. I saw how obedient, faithful, charitable my mom and dad is. Now my sisters have their own family and have the children of their own. My brother also were married, so definitely i'm the only one who is single (but its okay). I am so much grateful that i was born with my mom and be with my family. We faced a lot of trials and challenges in the past years but because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we were able to overcome those and have a stronger family ties. I am so blessed have such wonderful family members around me. Do you wanna see my family? Well, this is my eternal family...

This is my niece, Janica. She's with her mom, her dad and her brother.

She is an adorable girl who loves to sing (even if she's not in tune with what she sings), she loves to draw and do artworks. She's a friendly one and didn't fight even if someone was bullying her. She loves her mom and dad so much and of course, count us in, her immediate family members. She grew in the church just like me. They were sealed in the Temple when she was about 3 or 4 (i think. Hehe). She's ready to enter into the covenant of baptism. She was baptized on her birth day last Feb.22, 2014 and she thought that being baptized is the best gift ever! She was then confirmed the next day (which is definitely sunday). I saw her so happy and full of spirit. I heard her bear her testimony and i was amazed on how this 8 year old girl developed a testimony of the gospel. She and her brother is the third generation member in our family. I am so glad to see the fruit of my parents labor in us, that were passed on in my sisters children.

We should always remember our baptismal covenant and bear with us the sacred name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that we were chosen to receive the Gospel and be baptized in his name. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us so much and they are longing to see us and be with us. I know that baptism is essential in our own exaltation and so we can be called his children. We should always look forward and continue our journey in that straight and narrow path that leads to God. Be steadfast and immovable! We might have a stormy life now and ahead of us, but always put your trust in God. I am so excited to see my future, having a family of my own, with the same Gospel of Christ in it. Let's see and i will surely keep you posted when that day comes

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